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Up is probably one of the most beautiful cartoon films ever to grace the big screen. In Fact most Pixar films are. And I’ll tell you why…

Unlike other production and animation companies, Pixar instills in its audiences a real sense of emotion. Whereas Disney movies (sans Pixar) just take us -meaning little kids- off on adventures of time and space, they really do nothing more. Most Disney movies-actually all Disney Movies-are love stories; if not romantic love, than familial love, or friendship. However, Disney’s animators where never exactly able to strike a chord in the hearts of its audiences; The animation’s style itself was fit for the wondering eyes of little children who paid no more attension to the actual plot as did their parents.

The situations in Disney’s movies were simply inaplicable to real life.

Now I know what you’re thinking…’Innaplicable?! It’s just a cartoon!!!’ But in reality no it’s not! Cartoons and animation itself are forms of art. And art-at least to me-is supposed to be represenative of something, even if the artist himself doesn’t know it. Disney’s movies never had that message clear enough. Its been proven, the more like us it is-whatever the “it” is-the more we like it. it’s human nature. Disney’s movies-mostly about fairy tales and animals, had the message but for some reason couldn’d stick it to its audiences-I saw Cinderella’s mistreatment, but I couldn’t feel sorry for her; I saw the Ariel’s longing to be on land, but I didn’t feel bad. Watching these movies, I couldn’t feel anything as the characters felt; I couldn’t relate.

And that’s where Pixar comes in. Somehow, Pixar narrowed the emotional aspect of film down to a science; an animated science. In every single Pixar Film, one feels for the person-or creature-and understands their emotions, just as one would the actor’s emotions in a non-animated film. In Up, I felt the young love between Carl and Ellie and the sadness when he lost her; In Toy Story, I understood the nostalgic feelings childhood toys bring to us and the pain of being separated from your best friend; In Wall-E, I felt for the forbidden love story that took place right before my eyes between two unlikely figures: robots.

Somehow, Pixar with their very ‘out-there’ characters and creatures can still make one feel emotions never before felt in animation.

Disney movies serve only for the nostalgia and melancholy felt when remembering the movies we saw as kids.

Pixar Movies make you think about your own loves, losses, and friends..

-The Movie Bird