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My name is Cristina.
Some call me Cookie.
I'm currently a film student.
I guess I just really like movies.
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SMILEY" - Trailer [HD]

Holy shit, as if movies couldn’t get any worse…yet another piece of shit has sprung up.

…you know, let me stop being mean for one second to explain myself.

I’ve seen a few trailer’s for this new movie “Smiley” and it honest to God looks absolutely terrible. Just terrible. Awful. Horrendous. BAD. From what I can get from this preview: some chick keeps researching a serial killer named Smiley who goes around wearing a mask of fucked up flesh (yes, its a mask, because obviously you can’t go around murdering people with no eyes, let alone a mouth and nose) killing “innocent” teens.

So, we already know why he keeps finding them - the stupid bitch won’t stop searching for him online. And we know what he does: kills people. And we know his level of creeper status: yeah, whats up with that mask…?  But of course there are still questions to be answered like: why he’s killing people…blah blah blah….

I am currently, and probably definitely not interested in seeing this movie. It looks like utter shit. From the editing in the preview, I already feel I got too much information on the plot line. From its running time (90 mins) I can already tell you how everything is going to pan out…And from the talent, I can already tell it’ll be a sad excuse for a film; Shane Dawson people? Really?

So, I guess my point is it looks like an utter fail

And even if I did see it, I know in my heart that it would get no Cookies….